Lockdown Poems Written By Our Students

Nov 10, 2020

We have published a selection of beautiful poems written by our students in poetry week last month. The subject was focused on the last lockdown that we had.

Our Own World

She was the one to get up and go to hospital,

Working as a nurse, a superhero at the time.

He was the one to go to the kitchen,

Cooking all day as if he were cooking for dozens.

She was the one to stay in bed all day,

Sleeping the whole morning like there was no afternoon.

She was the one to be studying for exams,

Watching Netflix while leaving her Zoom class.

He was the one to sit down on the floor,

Drawing, painting and colouring the time away.

She was the one to bother the others,

Babbling and crawling, sleeping and drooling.

They did their own thing,

In their own worlds.

Lockdown Life

The year of 2020 did not quite go to plan,

Because one day there came a ban.

We couldn’t see our families,

We couldn’t go outside,

And we had to adapt to our coronavirus lives.

Some of us got on,

Some of us did not,

But we all remembered

Something we forgot.

The importance of our family

And the importance of our friends,

And that they are there for us,

Until the very end.

Arguments arose,

And arguments left unsolved,

But we all still laughed,

And we all still cried,

But we couldn’t go


Still at each other’s throats,

When Boris Johnson was on TV,

With all the dos and don’ts.

Then one day the sun shone again

And we were allowed to go outside.

But I really am not sure,

How we all survived.


Impatiently waiting,

Waiting for his speech,

Waiting for everything to come back in stock.

Waiting to hear from my mum,

Waiting for my siblings to call,

Waiting for my grandad to go back to work.

Waiting for my happy self to return,

Waiting for brightness to take over,

Waiting for that needed hug,

Waiting for that test to come back.

How Covid Went

Go to your homes, he said

Leave the streets, he told us

Or else you might catch a deadly disease

Boris Johnson put us in dread

An app called zoom helped us through

Lockdown was introduced

Pulling out your cakes

Adding friends to zooms

News on the TV

Dad is sitting in the study

Ever hoping for change

Morning came

Introducing a new day

Come show us the day