Former student Aimee Cupper left St Edward’s sixth form to study Musical Theatre at the University of Chichester. We decided to catch up with Aimee to find out about her sixth form experience and to ask her how university is going.


How did you find your experience at St Edward’s sixth form?

I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the St Edwards Sixth Form, it was a supportive environment that allowed me to prepare for life after school – it was amazing for both academic and personal growth.


What A Levels did you do?

I studied A Level Music, Drama and Creative Writing.


How did the teachers support you?

The teachers were amazing at offering additional support outside of timetabled lessons and recognising when I needed a little longer to absorb the information.  Sixth form can be stressful, but all my teachers were fantastic at helping me through those times and helping me to organise everything – in particular,  Mr Sloan, was great for helping his students through stressful moments.  I can honestly say I don’t think I’d have done as well I did without the great relationships you form with teachers once reaching sixth form.


How different was sixth form to normal school?

In some respects, sixth form was a more relaxed environment than normal school, one major difference is how you interact with your teachers.  As the class sizes got smaller you become closer to your teachers which made for a great working relationship.  You are, however, significantly more responsible for your own learning which is something I took a while to get used to.  This newfound freedom is great and really helps to prepare you for life after school.


What did you go on to do after sixth form?

Since leaving St Edwards I’ve gone on to study Musical Theatre at the University of Chichester and I am currently in my final year of study.


What words of advice would you give to those thinking about applying to St Edward’s Sixth Form?

Words of advice.  Enjoy it!  Make the most of each opportunity you are given, school is the best place to make mistakes.  Pick subjects you enjoy; you’re going to have to put a lot of hard work into it, so make sure it’s something you like!  Ask questions from all your teachers, they know a lot.  Most importantly, don’t get in your own way.


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