Year 9 Student Learns about Dorset’s Past

Feb 15, 2022

One of our Year 9s took a trip to the Dorset Museum in Dorchester recently following Science lessons which explored the museum’s exhibits and helped students to learn more about the region and its scientific history.  Jacob wrote a brief article about his visit for us;

As our life keeps moving forward, I believe it is crucial to look back on the past and study each detail, from the types of animals that used to walk on this specific part of our country, to how human civilisation has changed and adapted, and one place where you can see this is the Dorset Museum.

This museum, located in Dorchester, is a great showcase of both History and Science. In the multiple levels of the museum, you can find exhibits, such as: Natural Dorset, which includes many fossils, and shows us the types of rock and land Dorset is made from; an area detailing the life of Thomas Hardy, a famous author; The human history, including how society, jobs and buildings have changed over time. In addition to this, there was a large Victorian hall, complete with a mosaic, just outside of it.

My favourite parts of the museum were the Natural Dorset and the Human History exhibits, as I highly enjoyed seeing how different the planet was and what life was like compared to now.

In conclusion, I feel that if you have not been to this museum, it should be a place you should try to visit.

Jacob, Year 9