Triple Science

Students who are passionate about science and understanding the world around them will select Triple Science.

Curriculum Intent

We educate students in Science so that they can; observe, question and investigate independently in order to take ownership of their knowledge of our world. This enables students to make rational decisions such that they can appreciate and enjoy life to its fullest.

Students who are passionate about science and understanding the world around them will select Triple Science. Student will make this choice if they intend to enter a career in medicine, veterinary, engineering or science related research and industries. They will encounter content that will support the transition to A-Levels in the sciences. This rigorous and demanding trio of GCSE subjects will enable students to demonstrate their academic ability and mastery of scientific concepts as well as developing fundamental skills in writing, mathematics, problem solving and practical activities.


Key Stage 4

Nationally the Triple Science programme is regarded as being a very demanding course which comprises the Combined Science content along with extension content.  The extension material looks in more detail at the way our bodies are regulated and the way humans interact with the environment.  The Chemistry material includes greater focus on energy changes in chemical reactions and using the periodic properties to describe trends and patterns in chemical reactions.  The Physics extension material includes using light and the natural phenomena of how light behaves along with describing electrical transfer in more detail.

Students that are invited to select the Triple Science option (based upon their prior attainment in Science) will follow all three sciences such that the GCSEs awarded recognize achievement in each of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  Students cannot drop any one subject, each must be followed throughout Years 10 and 11.

Students that select this course as an option will need to be prepared for a significant part of the timetable to be filled by science subjects (20% of all lessons, 15 lessons per fortnight) and as such they should display both a strong aptitude and passion for the subject.


Method of Assessment

Exam Board: AQA

Assessment structure: 100% written examination

Exam Structure: 6 x 1 hour 45 minutes written exams each comprised of 100 marks in the summer of Year 11 (three papers from each of Biology, Chemistry and Physics).


Pathways after Year 11

Students that follow this course will no doubt want to continue to study sciences at A Level. The course supports the transition from GCSE to A Level in Biology, Chemistry and Physics as the extension topics are all seen again in first topics of A Level study.  Students that wish to follow careers in Medicine, Engineering, Conservation and Ecology, Marine Studies and Chemical engineering or similar professions should consider selecting this option should their prior attainment indicate they will cope with the demand of this challenging course.


Course Contact

Mr S Keene

Science Subject Leader