Students & Teachers of St Edward’s Sleep Rough in Support of the Homeless

Oct 18, 2019

St Edward’s School, Poole, held a rough sleeping event to raise awareness and money for its local YMCA.

The fundraising event, held in the school’s grounds, saw 38 sixth form students and 6 members of staff sleep rough to raise awareness of homelessness and generate funds for the YMCA. The school has so far raised £1900. The money raised will help fund the positive impact the YMCA deliver to support people at risk of homelessness in the local area.

In Bournemouth, there has been an increase in the number of people sleeping rough. This figure has gone up by 300% since 2010.

Michael Antram, Headteacher of St Edward’s School, said:

“We are extremely proud of the effort of our sixth form students in helping to raise money to support the YMCA. It was evident to see how passionate they were about this cause. They should be proud of themselves!

“YMCA is a truly amazing charity that cares about the wellbeing and safety of people who, for whatever reason, are at higher risk of vulnerability. The support that YMCA offer goes a long way to ensure that people in difficulty are getting the help they need.”

YMCA is a local charity that helps and supports people of all ages, especially those who are young or vulnerable in some way. The charity supports the local community in several ways, providing support and advice, accommodation, family work, health and wellbeing as well as affordable training and education.

Martin Stockley, a representative of YMCA, said:

“At YMCA we are dedicated to helping the many people affected by homelessness in Bournemouth/Poole through our five core services. We are extremely thankful to the students and staff at St Edward’s for their superb effort and dedication in raising money for our positive impact to grow and to continue.”

St Edward’s School hopes fundraising events like theirs will help to shine a light on homelessness in the community and prompt many more people and charities to support people dealing with homelessness.

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