St Edward’s Annual Sports Presentation

Feb 9, 2021

At the end of last year, we held our Annual Sports Presentation, albeit differently so that everyone remained safe. It was important to our school that we continued to recognise all those efforts, commitments, and sporting achievements by the outstanding students at St Edward’s. 

Mrs Bland, part of our brilliant PE team said: It really was a fantastic opportunity to finally present the awards to the students. It was a lovely reminder of how amazing our students are at committing to the wide range of sports on offer at St Edward’s. We miss the opportunities to be with the students at extra-curricular clubs, and all the rewards and life skills that come from participating as a team and taking part in exercise. As we look ahead, we hope that we will be able to welcome students back to clubs and fixtures later this year. 


*Please note that these awards were for participation from May 2019 to May 2020 



Year 7A Netball – Lexi

Year 7B Netball – Bethany  

Year 7 Football – Harrison  

Year 7 Rugby – Henry  



Year 7A Netball – Harriette  

Year 7B Netball – Freya  

Year 7 Football – Ashton  

Year 7 Rugby – Leuwyn  



Year 8A Netball – Sienna  

Year 8B Netball – Nicole  

Year 8 Football – Charlie 

Year 8 Rugby – Jack  

Year 8 Basketball – Abson  

Year 7 Rounders – Rose  



Year 8A Netball – Charlotte  

Year 8B Netball – Maria  

Year 8 Football – Gianluca  

Year 8 Rugby – Magnus  

Year 7 Rounders – Charlotte 



Year 9A Netball – Kitty 

Year 9B Netball – Mia  

Year 9 Rugby – Dagonet  

Year 8 Rounders – Poppy  



Year 9A Netball – Bella  

Year 9B Netball – Keisha  

Year 9 Football – Charlie  

Year 9 Rugby – Ty  

Year 8 Rounders – Jasmine 



Year 10A Netball – Aleesha  

Year 10 Boys Netball – Daniel  

Year 10 Football – Adam  

Year 9 Rounders – Daisy 



Year 10A Netball – Christie 

Year 10B Netball – Jessica  

Year 10 Boys Netball – Ben  

Year 10 Football – David 

Year 10 Rugby – Stanley  

Year 9 Rounders – Daniel 



Adam, Cameron, Suzanna, Alfie, Ben, Daniel, Levi, Daisy, Christie, Amelie, Leah, Eliza, Jess, Lottie, Izzy, Ciara, Amy, Hannah  



Year 11A Netball – Ellie  

Year 11 Football – Diego  

Year 11 Rugby – Sam  

Year 10 Rounders – Isabel  

Year 11 Basketball – Daniel  



Year 11A Netball – Ese 

Year 11 Football – Daniel  

Year 11 Rugby – Rhys  

Year 10 Rounders – Isabel  

Year 11 Basketball – Ziggy  


Academic Award Winners: 

For GCSE P.E – Lottie  

For OCR Sport – Katie  


6th Form Coaching Awards: 






Junior Sportsman 2020 – Shane  

Junior Sportswoman 2020 – Jasmine 

Senior Sportsman 2020 – Georgios   

Senior Sportswoman 2020 – Ellie  




Luca Sartorius – National Honours Award 2020

Luca Sartorius – National Honours Award 2020

Luca swims for Poole Swimming Club and trains for up to 14 hours a week which includes being in the swimming pool at 5am three days a week.

Luca has represented Poole Swimming Club at the County and Regional Swimming Relays where his age group won their events.  He has also represented the swimming club at the National Arena League competition which took place over 2 heats and then a final in South Wales where he, alongside the clubs International swimmer (Jacob Peters) were the only swimmers to win their events.

Luca is now ranked number 1 in Britain at 50 metre butterfly, number 3 in Britain at 50 metre freestyle and 100 metre butterfly, he is also ranked in the top 10 in various other events. He has gained qualification in 16 events at the upcoming Regional Swimming Championships in May which is all swum long course.



He recently became Dorset County Swimming Champion in the following disciplines:

  • 50 metre butterfly
  • 100 metre butterfly
  • 50 metre breaststroke
  • 100 metre breaststroke
  • 100 metre backstroke
  • 50 metre freestyle
  • 100 metre Individual Medley
  • 200 metre Individual Medley

Luca (despite his hamstring injury) is currently ranked number 1 nationally in Swim England Level X competition.  As one of the toughest training disciplines physically and mentally, this is such an incredible achievement, we look forward to watching and hearing Luca’s swim success in the future.



Tom Day – National Honours 2020

Tom Day – National Honours 2020

Tom has been cycling competitively since the age of 12. He joined the local cycling club ‘Poole Wheelers’ and with encouragement from the club coaches, he started racing competitively in road racing and track racing on the velodrome. Being fairly small in size, Tom won very little until the age of 16. His determination and absolute training focus of 20 hours per week has since led to great successes locally and nationally. Many hours over the winter are spent riding in the Dorset lanes, in the gym, on a turbo trainer or even behind a motorbike in the pursuit of his goals.

Many weekends were spent in Belgium racing on closed road circuits called ‘Kermesses’ against 150 junior riders. These were often held on the steep hills of the Flanders region which includes cobble stones, tight bends and high winds and rain thrown in for good measure. Tom achieved eight top 10 finishes and as a result he has been invited to join the top Belgium Cycling Team ‘Flanders Colour Galloo’. This has enabled participation at International level in 2020. His campaign started on March 1st at the Belgium Classic ‘Kuurne Brussels Kuurne’ where he achieved 26th place.



His 2019 highlights include:

  • South Region Junior Road Race Champion
  • National Junior Circuit Time Trial Champion
  • National Junior Champion 10 mile Time Trial averaging over 32 mph!
  • National Junior Closed Circuit Time Trial Champion
  • 2nd place U21 London Six Day track event
  • 9th place 2019 European Tour of Holland


In 2020 Tom achieved his goal of becoming National Champion. He was selected by the GB Cycling Team to represent the United Kingdom at the Junior World Championship in Switzerland but unfortunately it was cancelled due to Covid. As a result of his successful 2020 he got a two-year contract with the Dutch team SEG Racing and is now a full-time athlete training very hard!  We very much look forward to watching and hearing Tom’s future success with his career, perhaps he will return as our inspiring guest speaker one day.

Below is a link for a media article recently written about Tom’s success:




Alfie Why – National Honours 2020

Tom Day – National Honours 2020

Alfie took part in school long jump competitions in Years 7 and 8.  In 2019 he represented St Edward’s in long jump at PEDSSA which he won.  He then went on to win the county competition and then the regional competition with a national qualifying distance. He then went onto win the national competition for his age group.  With a coach on board, Alfie’s technique and ability has continued to go from strength to strength.

In 2019 the British Athletics Power of 10 ranked Alfie 1 in the UK with a PB jump of 6m65 at Under 15. (Alfie was at this point, out jumping our school long jump pit!)

Covid inevitably put restrictions on training and competitions in 2020, however, Alife’s current training PB is 7.22m, with a competition PB of 6.65m from Nationals last year.

As a Year 11 student, Alfie does not currently have a placing as he is yet to compete in an under 17 competition, but comparing training PBs with the others in the country, he would stand at second in the country with 7.22 behind Jerel Livingston (who is now under 20).  Hopefully this year Alfie will be able to resume training and competitions and we look forward to hearing about his future success.