Combining theoretical and practical skills in dance as a component of the PE curriculum…

Dance Curriculum Intent 

The purpose of the Dance Curriculum is to ensure that students can perform, choreograph and appreciate the work of professional dance practitioners and their own work. Students are provided with the opportunity to perform in a variety of different styles, in order to develop their skills and techniques as a performer. We aim to develop all students’ self-confidence, esteem and resilience through appreciation and performance. The intention being each student’s educational experience is enhanced within both their on-stage and academic performances.  

 We do this by aiming to develop and achieve the following: 

  • Offering a variety of performance opportunities each year which are accessible to students of all age groups, academic and abilities.  
  • Creating rehearsal and performance environments which allow students to develop an understanding of the challenges and expectations of the performing arts industry.  
  • Offering the opportunity for students to understand a wider range of roles and responsibilities beyond those of performing on stage (e.g. choreographer, creative director, costume designer, composer.  
  • Encouraging creativity through performance and appreciation.
  • Raise students’ aspirations and equip them with the knowledge and skills to flourish in future careers within the performing arts industry. 


In Key Stage 3, the dance curriculum is embedded within the PE curriculum where students will learn skills in developing their choreographic skills through stimulus work and their understanding of the three main elements in dance.

We assess students at the end of their dance unit across those three elements of choreography, performance and appreciation. Every student will achieve some form award with their progress in dance as we have incorporated an awards scheme of Bronze, Silver and Gold awards.

In Key Stage 4, students will be offered the opportunity to study dance for their GCSE options. We teach the Level 2 Tech Award in Performing Arts (Dance Pathway) by Pearson’s.

The Award gives learners the opportunity to develop sector-specific knowledge and skills in a practical learning environment.

The course is made up of three components:

Two that are internally assessed and one that’s externally assessed. The three-block structure, explore, develop and apply, has been developed to allow students to build on and embed their knowledge. This allows them to grow in confidence and then put into practice what they have learned.

All students will have the opportunity to attend extra-curricular dance in years 7-13 which will comprise of a variety of dance styles and techniques being taught throughout the winter and spring term. All students who attend extra-curricular dance will also be working on performances for the Dance showcase which is presented every year, given them the opportunity to perform to a live audience.