Dress Code

There is no formal uniform for sixth form but we expect students to adopt a mature approach which reflects the high standards expected of them in a working environment.

We have tried to keep the dress code in 6th form as simple as possible. We ask that you adopt a mature, sensible approach which reflects the high standards expected in a working environment. 

Please accept the following guidance in relation to the sixth form dress code.

The general theme is casual office wear that is smart, modest and appropriate.




Collared Shirt, Polo Shirt and Blouses

Suit and tie

Smart tops






Smart trousers


Tailored shorts in the summer

T Shirts

Big logos


Frayed or Faded Denim

Ripped Jeans

Tracksuit bottoms or tops

Spaghetti strap / strapless / crop tops

Sports shorts / cargo pants

Leggings / Jeggings

Flip flops


Items of jewellery must be appropriate to a working environment. Small nose studs for sixth formers are acceptable but no other facial piercing should be worn.


All sixth form students are required to wear a lanyard with a photographic student card. The card can be used in the canteen and to access IT rooms during the day.

General Information

Any student who is inappropriately dressed will be asked to go home and change.

Please note that if you have special dress or kit for practical subjects such as PE or sport then you are expected to change into normal dress for other lessons or activities around the school.

If there is uncertainty regarding the appropriateness of a particular item then please check with Mrs Murphy-Parry, Mr Dell or Mr Elliott before finally purchasing them. Students will soon find a style that is acceptable to them and meets the dress code requirements.