The 16-19 Student Bursary Fund is a government scheme set up to help the most vulnerable young people continue in full time education.  Its purpose it to provide financial support to help overcome barriers to participation.


Vulnerable BursariesDiscretionary Bursaries

Guaranteed bursary of £1200 per year of young people in one of the defined vulnerable groups.

Funding is held centrally by the Students Bursary Support Service and the school must claim the funding for each student identified by submitting an online application via the SBSS portal.

Awarded at the school’s discretion to cover costs such as transport, books, equipment and other course related activities.

Formula funding from EFA via the Borough of Poole

Further eligibility criteria for Vulnerable Bursary

Students must fall into one of the categories below


Further eligibility criteria for Discretionary Bursary

Where a student does not meet the criteria for the Vulnerable Bursary he or she might meet the criteria for some support from the Discretionary Fund.

  • Young people in care including unaccompanied asylum seeking children
  • Care Leavers
  • Young people personally in receipt of Income Support or Universal Credit
  • Disabled young people in receipt of both the Employment Support Allowance and Disability Living Allowance or the new Personal Independence Payments, Written confirmation of the young person’s current or previous or current looked after status by the Local Authority is required.
  • A letter setting out the benefits to which the young person is entitled with terms that allow them to participate in full time education is required.
  • Students seeking FSM, Forces Children, SEN, LAC, EAL, asylum seeking children, circumstances assessed by the Subject Leader that could have a negative impact on learning and referred to Sixth Form Administrator and Head of Sixth Form.
  • Head of Sixth Form to assess the need and make a recommendation to Headteacher for approval and release of the money to the appropriate department
  • Evidence of total household income required.
Conditions for receipt of student bursaries
Students will be reviewed termly (re: attendance which is required to be 95% with no unauthorised absences, conduct, punctuality and progress) at pre-set times in the year in accordance with Sixth Form policies.