A Level Religious Studies

If you have ever wondered about the existence of God, or how we decide the different between right and wrong, then this is the course for you.

Course Content

Component 1 – Philosophy of Religion

Through the study of the Philosophy of Religion you will learn to think both abstractly and critically.

Component 2 – Religious Ethics

Within Religious Ethics you will learn about the different theories for resolving moral dilemmas.

Component 3 – Developments in Christian Thought

The developments in Religious Thought unit tackles some of the major shifts within Theology and the impact they have on our understanding of the human condition.

Exam Code: OCT H573


Where the course leads:

Religious Studies is widely recognised as a challenging academic subject that provides students with a range of transferable skills that will help them make the move to the world of work or university.  Some of the best matches for courses and professions are teaching, law, medicine or the police.  These are just few examples; there are many, many more.


Entry Requirements

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Course Contact

Mr T Willis

Religious Education Subject Leader