A Level Politics

Politics is at the forefront of every news headline at the moment, be it the Brexit negotiations or the Trump presidency.

Why study A Level Politics?

Politics is at the forefront of every news headline at the moment, be the Biden presidency, COVID legislation or global environmental policies. To study politics, all you need is a curiosity about the world around you. What is happening? Why has Parliament acted as they have? What kind of President was Donald Trump?

Students of all ages are actively engaging in national and world politics and A-level Government and Politics affords them the opportunity to look at the structures and ideas that drive the politics we see in action every day. The course is constantly updated, so it tracks real time politics and generates exciting debate and discussion on a lesson-by-lesson basis. Students write their own blogs and track their additional reading/viewing of political commentary and debate. A weekly ‘politics breakfast’ before school gives students the opportunity to catch up on the latest news and an trip to the Supreme Court and Houses of Parliament enables them to see government in action. The course follows the AQA specification.


Course Content

Unit 1: UK Government and politics of the UK

Unit 2: Government and politics of the USA and comparative politics

Unit 3: Political ideas


Where the course leads

Politics is a highly regarded A-level because of its emphasis on written skills and high level analysis and evaluation. Students will stand out when applying for Oxbridge and Russell Group universities with a Politics A-level because they will have a developed understanding of current affairs and political debate. Similarly, it will stand them in good stead for job, apprenticeship and university interviews. Potential career paths include law, journalism, civil service, diplomatic service, business, defense, education and humanitarian work.

Entry requirements

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Miss J Elms (Politics Coordinator)