A Level Physics

Choosing A Level Physics will give you the opportunity to further your interest and skills in this subject.

“It is generally fantastic; everything else is just stamp collecting.  No other subject has such a range of topics and can explain the inner workings of the universe.” Student

From an early stage in this course you will be challenged to reassess what you think of as reality as you develop an understanding of the quantum and relativistic theories of modern Physics. What did Albert Einstein mean when he said ‘God does not play dice.’? What actually is the nature of the light by which we see the world? Coming to terms with intellectual challenges such as these is what makes Physics a highly regarded academic subject.

Alongside this you will develop the practical skills and working knowledge that enables Physicists to design, build and use many of the advanced features of the modern world. Energy, forces, waves, motion, and electricity are all classic elements of this course with applications to a wide range of situations. It is this knowledge and skill set that makes Physicists popular with a very wide range of employers.


Course Content

This is a challenging course but a course full of interest that quickly goes beyond GCSE to areas of conceptual and mathematical demand. Expect to work hard and sometimes to struggle but the sense of achievement at the end will make the effort worthwhile. All students will aim to complete the 2 year full A level.

Exam Code: 7408


Where the course leads:

Of all the sciences, Physics is the one with the greatest variety of career pathways. Physicists end up doing many different and varied jobs. As well as academic research physicists work in structural engineering, the armed forces, electrical engineering, computing, finance, media, commerce, theatre, logistics and management, medicine, sport and leisure, education, environmental concerns and health care.


Entry Requirements

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Course Contact

Mr Steve Dell

Head of Science