A Level French or German

A-Level offers you the opportunity to become fluent in a foreign language and to acquire a highly-prized skill for life.

There are reasons why those who can speak more than one language have better prospects and earn more.

“The French Exchange really opened my eyes – when you can speak to people in their language the world looks very different! Languages at A Level are fun, interesting and the level of support from staff is incredible” Student.

As the world becomes increasingly globalised and with the vast majority of Britain’s trade focused on our European neighbours, an ability to speak foreign languages is a skill that is increasingly prized by employers and surveys point to the strong employment prospects and increased earnings enjoyed by graduates and school leavers with foreign language skills.  However that is not the only reason why studying languages at A level is an enjoyable and worthwhile experience – many students choose languages simply due to a desire to speak and write fluently in a foreign language, because they want to travel or work abroad or due to the sheer enjoyment of learning a language.


Course Content

In A Level French lessons we use a wide variety of authentic resources to bring our closest neighbour even closer!  This includes TV, magazines, newspapers and the internet, making lessons varied, fun and interesting.  We also study the interesting and vibrant world of French cinema and music as part of an immersion in French culture.  Throughout lessons we speak French which means that your level of fluency develops quickly.

In A Level German lessons we try to bring the reality of life in Germany, Austria and Switzerland into the classroom and to emphasise Germany’s importance as our biggest trading partner and Europe’s biggest economic power.  We do this principally by using authentic resources in class by watching the news and other television programmes, studying German films and using articles from German language newspapers and magazines.

Exam Code French: 7651/7652

Exam Code German: 7661/7662


Where the course leads

Once studied to A Level, you have the ability to speak the language wherever needed.  Many of our students go on to university to study languages further, sometimes as an addition to another subject such as Business Management, Law, the sciences or journalism.  University courses that include languages typically include a period of study or work experience abroad which is a key part of their appeal.  Other students use their language skills to secure employment with companies that trade internationally or in the tourism industry, or pursue study or employment opportunities abroad.


Entry Requirements

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Course Contact

Mr M Lenarduzzi

Modern Foreign Languages Subject Leader