A Level English Language

English Language is a creative and diverse course.

English Language is a creative and diverse course. The variety of assessment styles used, such as data analysis, discursive essays, original writing and research-based investigative writing, allows students to develop a wide range of skills which are invaluable for both further study and future employment.

It provides students with a natural progression from their GCSE study of the subject. It encourages students to develop their interest in and appreciation of English through learning about its structure and its functions, its developments and its variations. It allows students to develop their ability to express themselves in speech and writing, producing texts for different audiences, purposes and in different genres.

Students should be interested in reading and writing non-literary material, and studying media texts. You should also be interested in examining how we acquire language, and how we use spoken language to interact. You will learn to use new technical vocabulary effectively, so that your discussions and written work are more precise.

The course content requires students to complete two pieces of original writing worth 20% and a language investigation in preparation for one of the examined modules. There are also examinations in the use of language in society, child language acquisition and the history and diversity of the English language, worth 80%.

This course is particularly suitable for those students who wish to study English Language, Linguistics or English Studies in Higher Education. It encourages students to take responsibility for their learning and gives them a strong grounding in the academic principles relating to working with data. The style of teaching and learning gives students academic confidence, as well as knowledge about the English language.


Course Content

Component 1 – Language Variation.

External assessment. 2 hours and 15 minutes. 35% of total qualification

Component 2 – Child Language.

External Assessment.  1 hour and 15 minutes.  20% of total qualification

Component 3 – Investigating Language.

External assessment. 1 hour and 45 minutes.  25% of total qualification

Component 4 – Crafting Language

Internally assessed. Externally moderated. 20% of total qualification

Exam Code: 9ENo


Where the course leads:

This in an excellent A Level for people who are interested in the power of language; how written and spoken language achieves different purposes.  Anyone interested in Writing, Media, Business, Advertising, History or Psychology would find this course illuminating.  Many students have gone on to specific Journalism or joint English degrees; others have taken up speech therapy.  Quite a few have gone into teacher training or other aspects of education.


Entry Requirements

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Course Contact

Mrs Alice Bell

Subject Leader English