A Level Computer Science

A Level Computer Science is an exciting and dynamic course that encourages a number of modern technological skills.

A Level Computer Science is an exciting and dynamic course that encourages a number of modern technological skills. Advances in Computer Science are transforming the way we live and work, and the new Computer Science specifications are changing with the times. This course, with it’s emphasis on abstract-thinking, general problem-solving, algorithmic and mathematical reasoning, scientific and engineering-based thinking is an excellent foundation for meeting these future challenges.


Course Content

We use the AQA exam board for A Level Computer Science (7517) and cover the following content:

Year 1:

  • Fundamentals of Programming
  • Problem Solving and Theory of Computation
  • Data Representation
  • Hardware and Software
  • Computer Organisation and Architecture
  • Communication: Technology and Consequences

Year 2:

  • Data Structures
  • Algorithms
  • Regular Languages
  • The Internet
  • Databases and Software Development
  • OOP and Functional Programming

This is assessed by 3 components:

Paper 1 (40%)
  • On-Screen Exam – 2hours 30mins
  • Uses pre-release skeleton code to assess both programming concepts and theory knowledge
Paper 2 (40%)
  • Paper Exam –  2 hours 30mins
  • Tests theory knowledge through a mix of short and long answer questions
Non-Exam Assessment (NEA) (20%)
  • Programming Project
  • Develop a solution to a real-world problem of your choice


Where the course leads

This course typically leads to either a university course of study in Computer Science or related disciplines such as Mathematics, Physics or Engineering, or to higher-level apprenticeships in silmilar related areas. It can, however, lead to a variety of other courses and disciplines as the problem-solving and abstract-thinking skilss are transferrable to any subject.


Entry Requirements

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If you are not sitting the Higher tier paper for GCSE Mathematics, then please get in contact to discuss if this will be an appropriate option.
If you are not taking GCSE Computer Science, then you need to be able to program to a good standard before you start the course. If you would like to discuss the programming requirements of the course, then please get in contact.
Any questions – email cprince@st-edwards.poole.sch.uk


Course Contact

Mr C Prince

Computer Science Subject Leader