A Level Chemistry

This course is proving to be an excellent grounding in Chemical Sciences.

“It’s generally awesome.  It’s even occasionally quite funny.” Student

This course is proving to be an excellent grounding in Chemical Sciences. Being an AQA course it also continues with the same style as the GCSE Science that is taught at St Edward’s with a combination of written end of course examinations and centre assessed practical work. The early topics review content covered at GCSE and incorporate new concepts to develop understanding.


Course Content

The main aim of the course is to:

Develop the student’s knowledge and understanding of Chemistry to provide a pathway to further study.

Ensure that learning is enjoyable and enhances a student’s enthusiasm for Chemistry.

Nurture the higher level thinking skills required of top employers and universities alike.

All students will aim to complete the 2 year full A Level.

Exam Code: AQA 7404/7405


Where the course leads

The career choices in Chemistry are almost limitless. There is the obvious choice of continuing with your Chemistry studies at University in the UK or abroad. Chemistry is demanded by most medical related courses, not to mention the multitude of bio-medicinal courses. It is an excellent choice alongside Biology, Physics or Maths. Many people who study A level Chemistry go on to become Lawyers or Accountants. The skills learnt as part of A level Chemistry are easily and readily transferable to a whole host of other roles. There is also the recognition that Chemistry is regarded as a challenging subject which opens doors to a vast array of fascinating and exciting careers. All students will aim to follow the 2 year full A level.


Entry Requirements

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Course Contact

Mr Steve Dell

Head of Science