BTEC Health and Social Care

This course provides an outstanding introduction to the health and social care sector.

The principle of the curriculum is to prepare students for work or further education in the vocational setting of Health and/or Social Care. It provides an outstanding introduction to the Health and Social Care sector.  It is ideal for young people who are considering a career in nursing, midwifery, social work, youth work, occupational therapy, care work, counselling or education.  However, it also allows learners to develop valuable skills that would be useful in a number of other employment settings.  It could also be part of an excellent preparation for the demands of a university degree.

In its wider context, the curriculum provides the knowledge and skills needed to recognise and respond to individual needs, demonstrate the skills and values that underpin the Health and Social Care Sector and understand good working practice as set out in law.  It prepares young people to understand and reflect on human growth and development and why at times individuals may need support. Learners are provided with opportunity to reflect on their own personal attributes, beliefs and ethics, and are encouraged to make contextual links to other curriculum subjects (in particular psychology, sociology and human biology) and consider their relationship with their personal community and the society in which they live.

By engaging with the rigour of this course, young people will be equipped with the skills to work in a health and social care setting. They will have greater empathy for the range of additional needs that service users may have and how our health and social care provision in this country is designed to support. Learners will have an awareness of a variety of laws that guide practices. The focus of the course throughout is one of holistic development of practical, interpersonal and thinking skills required to succeed in employment and higher education.

Course Content

BTEC L3 Health and Social Care is equivalent in size to one A Level. The qualification supports access to a range of higher education courses possibly, but not exclusively, in health and social care, if taken alongside further Level 3 qualifications. The qualification typically makes up one–third of an A Level study programme.

Four units will be studied over the two-year BTEC course. Units 1 and 2 are assessed externally through public examinations. Components 5 and 12 are assessed internally through coursework.

Units 1 Human Lifespan and Development.

Learners gain a fascinating insight into physical, intellectual, emotional and social development across the human lifespan, and the factors affecting development and the effects of ageing.

Unit 2 Working in Health and Social Care

Learners will explore what it is like to work in the Health and Social Care Sector, including the roles and responsibilities of professionals and the organisations that regulate them.

Unit 5 Meeting Individual Care and Support Needs.

Learners focus on the principles and practicalities that underpin meeting individuals’ care and support needs, which are the foundation of all the care disciplines.

Unit 12 Supporting Individuals with Additional Needs

Learners have an opportunity to consider the significance of a diagnosis of additional needs on the individual, their family and society. They will evaluate the support available to the individuals and their families in the context of improving wellbeing and life chances.

Exam code QAN 601/7197/2

Entry Requirements

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Course Contact

Mrs. Vikki Pirie (Assistant Headteacher)