Achievement for Everyone


At St Edward’s School we are committed to preparing young people to live life to the full. We have the highest expectations of all of our students, and they leave us ready to go to some of the best universities in the world, to exciting employment opportunities; or empowered to take their next steps in learning. We believe that preparation for life is best facilitated in the midst of a caring and supportive community; one that attends to spiritual and moral formation, as well as academic excellence.

Our school is a very successful oversubscribed and distinctive joint Roman Catholic – Church of England Voluntary Aided School supported by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Plymouth and the Church of England Diocese of Salisbury. We are a truly comprehensive school, which educates over 1000 students from the age of 11 to 18.

St Edward’s Sixth Form offers a co-educational experience within a well-established learning community that values the holistic development of young people. Achievement within the top 10% of schools nationally comes as a result of focusing on many aspects of learning alongside the work of teachers who are committed to their continuous professional development.  Sixth Form teachers value student voice and use it, alongside current research to inform the most effective teaching methods and to adjust the content and delivery of their subjects. Sixth Form lessons are, therefore, dynamic and challenging and include a particular emphasis on developing Oracy and Literacy skills that deepen and secure knowledge.  Our students are exposed to a well- considered and ambitious curriculum that encompasses a range of A Level subjects and alternative Level 3 qualifications that lead to a variety of university courses, training and employment opportunities. We encourage students to pursue an extended study programme that offers the choice of: Independent on-line courses (Moocs), an additional 1 Year programme of study in a 4th subject or Core Maths.

We value the contribution that all disciplines make to young peoples’ education, recognising more than ever, that exposure to the Humanities, Arts and Sciences are paramount in building the knowledge, skills and personal attributes that will allow them to be happy, fulfilled and make purposeful contributions to society. Additionally, we educate students beyond the normal curriculum by encouraging all of them to think critically about significant ethical and moral issues through participation in our Personal Enquiry programme of study.

Supporting their academic achievement is a strong, adaptive tutorial system which prepares students for life in Sixth Form and beyond and which addresses their needs and aspirations as they move through Years 12 and 13.

Finally, we carefully select extra opportunities for our students that help them apply what they are learning to the real world whilst encouraging curiosity, building of friendships and skills development.

Through an excellent curriculum and superb teacher student relationships our students flourish, building the confidence that allows them to be comfortable in a range of social, academic, professional and employment situation.