This is an option subject. A two year course that runs through year 10 and year 11. The course combines practical sports lessons with theory based lessons…

Curriculum Intent

Who is this course for:

Someone who enjoys all types of Sport/Physical activities and is a strong performer, competing outside of school in sport, ideally at least 1 team and 1 individual sport. Someone who always remembers PE kit so has rarely missed practical lessons in year 7,&8 and who is committed to sports both inside and out of school.

A GCSE PE student must be interested in physiology and human biology (muscles and bones) as well as things like health and fitness, diet, how to train, socio-cultural influences on sport and sports injuries. You must be keen to study the theory side of PE as well as take part in the practical. Someone considering moving onto sixth form on successful completion of the course to study courses like: A level PE, an occupation in the sports industry or teaching/coaching opportunities, Physiotherapy/ Sports nutrition or the Cambridge technical in Sport.


How will I be assessed?

60% Theory and 40% Practical


You will be awarded up to 105 marks for the practical element of this course. You will be assessed in 3 sports including at least 1 team sport and 1 individual sport. (For each of your three activities, you will be assessed in skills in progressive drills (worth a maximum of 10 marks per activity) and in the full context/game/competition (worth up to 25 marks per activity). You will be awarded a maximum of 35 marks for each of the three sports. While your teacher will mark you in each of your sports based upon what you show them during the course or the evidence that you submit, an external moderation of the marks will take place at the end of year 11. You may also be assessed in your core PE lessons in sports that are not taught in the GCSE PE lessons, however you will need to check that the sports that you choose in your core PE lessons are suitable for assessment in GCSE PE. It would be advantageous to attend extracurricular clubs in that Sport/Activity. Examples could be rugby, badminton, Athletics. You may wish to be assessed in Golf, Horse Riding or Skiing. If this is the case you will need to provide video evidence of the level you are performing at.



Theory marks come from 2  GCSE exam papers which are marked externally by the exam board (Edexcel). The exam papers include short and long answer questions which are worth between 1 and 9marks. The exam board will combine your theory and practical scores and provide you with an overall grade for GCSE PE between Grade 1 and Grade 9.


Will I enjoy the course?

You are most likely to enjoy this course if you are enthusiastic about your PE lessons and involve yourself without reservation in all practical situations. Your enjoyment of this course will be optimised by realising the high standards and commitment that is expected during both the theory and practical sessions. You should be willing to fully commit yourself to every practical session even if it’s not your strongest or favourite activity and have a keen interest in human biology, physiology, health and fitness and psychology of sport.


What will be expected of me?

Students are expected to keep a neat, tidy and well organised theory file and bring exercise books, textbook, pens/pencils etc. to every lesson. You will be expected to take part in all practical lessons to the very best of your ability, showing commitment, determination and enthusiasm. You will be expected to work to the best of your ability both as an individual and as part of a wider team to best support the achievements of both yourself and your peers.


What will I study?

In theory lessons you will consider applied anatomy and physiology (specifically the cardio and respiratory systems in addition to muscles, bones and the body in movement), Physical training for sport, sports psychology, sociocultural influences on sports participation , health, fitness and wellbeing. You must be competent to perform and compete in at least 1 individual sport and 1 team sport from the list below. You will be assessed in 3 sports in total. If your sport is not on this list you will not be able to use it towards your GCSE.









Figure skating




Rock climbing







Table tennis




Acrobatic gymnastics






Ice hockey

Roller hockey





Water polo



Course Contact

Mr Sam Pope

Subject Leader