Mental Health and Wellbeing

How we can help you...

At St Edward’s, we are committed to supporting the wellbeing and resilience of all students. We hope that in partnership with you we can form strong and emotionally courageous young people. This includes many aspects of life including physical health and mental health as well as social, emotional and spiritual well-being.


We support our young people with compassion and without prejudice to:

• Develop confidence and master resilience
• Understand the evolving challenges of growing up in our society
• Foster supportive relationships with others so that they feel safe and nurtured – this is crucial to the holistic development of all children
• Modelling good emotional literacy (naming our feelings)







Who can help...

Who can support my child in school?

All staff are committed to developing healthy minds and safeguard student wellbeing. You can find a full list of the support available in school by clicking here.

Click here for how we aim to meet wellbeing issues by; promoting resilience/ self-referral for support, offer Early Help if this is not effective and seek targeted support from our partner agencies when we cannot meet need.

THE SHARP SYSTEM – Click here for more details about reporting issues anonymously.



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Self Referral

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