St. Edward’s Edge programme

St. Edwards Edge will provide a range of events and experiences intended to expand curious minds beyond the national curriculum, and will enable our ambitious students to develop an insight and interest in a breadth of different topics. Our staff will deliver ‘Edge Events’; and these will take the form of a short talk hosted in school on a topic that will engage students and enable them to grow their breadth of knowledge. We will co-ordinate ‘Edge Experiences’; our staff will organise visits both from and to external providers to increase the cultural richness of the programme. Some former students have returned to share their experiences of the journey beyond St. Edward’s.

Students are made aware of the events and experiences through notices in registration, social media posts and flyers posted around the school. Students will be expected to take responsibility for signing up to these enriching presentations. All students in specified year groups can attend these enriching activities.

We have been delighted in recent years by the fantastic destinations that our school leavers have moved on to after being successful students with us. Reaching the required grades to progress to aspirational careers is only a part of the requirement for students to secure these opportunities; they also require a well-rounded knowledge that stretches beyond the conventional curriculum that is taught in schools across the country. The St. Edward’s Edge programme will encourage our students to be curious learners and to seek out opportunities to broaden their knowledge independently.