Discover More … A Chat with Former Student Scott Currie

Oct 1, 2020

At St Edward’s School we are committed to preparing young people to live life to the full.  We have the highest expectations of all of our students, and they leave us ready to go to some of the best universities in the world, to exciting employment opportunities; or empowered to take their next steps in learning.  We believe that preparation for life is best facilitated in the midst of a caring and supportive community; one that attends to spiritual and moral formation, as well as academic excellence.

We decided to catch up with Scott Currie; a former St Edward’s student. Scott plays cricket for the England under-19’s and Hampshire. He left our school last year and he’s been pretty busy…

“Cherish your days at St Edwards, it’s a brilliant school to be a part of and it is true what they say, your school days are the best times of your life.”

Can you remember your time at St Edward’s School?

I loved my time at St Edward’s. Moving from primary school to secondary school can be quite a daunting proposition, but I remember very well how accommodating all the teachers were in my early years. I studied History, French and PE at GCSE and after getting the results I needed to further my education, it was a no brainer to carry on and complete years 12 and 13 at St Edward’s.

Do you remember your first day at St Edward’s School? 

I do. I wasn’t too nervous on my first day as I had quite a few of my friends from primary school with me and the teachers were very accommodating.

Reflecting on your time at St Edward’s School, what were your favourite subjects?

My favourite subjects were History, Business and PE. The teachers I had in all three of those subjects were brilliant. Mr Kilpatrick in business who was also my form tutor for 6th Form, Mr Wood in History with whom I developed a very good working relationship with dating back to year 9 and finally Mr Pope, Mr Elliott and Mrs McCalister for PE. All three shared my passion for sport and played a pivotal role in helping me move forward with my career in cricket.

How did the teachers help you grow and develop over the years?

No task was ever too much to ask of any of my teachers, every single one of them cared about their subject and the students they taught. They gave me confidence to develop as a person, with things like public speaking and the skill set to be employable in later life.

You’ve gone on to do incredibly well in cricket. How is it going?

Cricket is going well, thank you. As the season is winding down now for the winter, it’s a great chance to reflect on what’s been quite a challenging year in all departments. I’ve made some big strides forward this season but appreciate that it’s only the start.

Scott Currie - Cricket Player

When did you develop a love of sports?

I started playing cricket aged 4 in the back garden with my brother and it went from there really. Coming from my primary school, sport was always a passion of mine and that only continued to grow whilst at St Edward’s. At St Edward’s I had the chance to take part in sports that I probably wouldn’t have done, for example Rugby and Basketball. I loved playing other sports and the memories we made will be cherished for a long time.

What advice would you give to a year 6 student?

My advice would be to keep your options open and have a go at everything, you might surprise yourself. As well as that, cherish your days at St Edward’s, it’s a brilliant school to be apart of and it is true what they say, your school days are the best times of your life.