Discover More…A Chat With Former Student Izzy Taylor

Oct 16, 2020

Can you tell us a little about your time at St Edward’s?

I was at St Edward’s from Year 8 to 13 and, looking back, those 6 years flew by. I was so grateful to have had a close group of friends who made me laugh and also motivated me to work hard. I enjoyed getting to know my teachers, especially in the subjects which I wanted to choose for my GCSEs and A Levels. Although there were undoubtedly some very stressful and anxious moments throughout my time at St Edwards, it was a really fun and happy time where I grew so much.

Do you remember your first year at St Edward’s?

I remember feeling a little nervous about joining a school with a lot of older students, but once I had met my teachers and some friends, I settled in quickly. I loved having a greater range of subjects than at my Junior school and I enjoyed moving around to different classrooms and having different teachers. That made me feel very gown up at the time!

Reflecting on your time at St Edward’s School, what were your favourite subjects?

I loved a range of subjects and tried to get stuck in to everything. My A Levels (biology, chemistry and geography) were probably my favourite subjects, which was helpful for sixth form! I enjoyed the logic of those subjects and working through problems. Chemistry was really tough for me but I had a goal in mind and did everything I could to achieve that. I also look back very fondly on my GCSE lessons, particularly English and Textiles. GCSEs are so great for doing a wide range of subjects, so enjoy that while it lasts!

How did the school and the teachers help you grow and develop over the years?

The teachers were golden! Over the 6 years I was at St Edward’s, I was really looked after pastorally as well as academically pushed. I really felt like my teachers believed in me which is so special looking back and made such a difference to my aspirations and personal goals. The wider school community was great as well, and I loved being part of the CU which enabled me to socialise with other year groups. I grew in confidence and communication skills as well as practical things like being able to time manage and organise myself well.

You’ve gone on to a fantastic University. How did it feel when you secured your place and how is it going?

It was honestly quite a shock for me when I found out. I had gone through quite a lengthy application and interview process and so it was such a relief that all that work had been worth it. Although the news did mean that from then on I really had to crack on with my A Level work!

I have now started my second year of geography at Downing College, Cambridge and I am loving it. Some of the opportunities that this course has opened up have been amazing. For example, I am now an Interview Editor for a magazine and have been able to have some inspiring discussions with some of the top experts of different fields. It is such a privilege to be studying here and I will always be grateful to my teachers and friends at St Edward’s who inspired, challenged and supported me throughout my time at school.



What do you hope to achieve in the future?

To be honest, I really don’t know! I would love to travel after my degree and perhaps tie that in with research or a job for an international charity. I enjoy studying social justice and environmental issues and the increasingly significant overlap between these two aspects of geography. A job helping the people most affected by these situations would be amazing. At the same time, however, I think it is very easy to be sucked into the corporate job market without a clear idea of your plan so I am definitely aware of not pressuring myself into any particular career path and still just pursuing what I enjoy.

What advice would you give to a year 6 student thinking about joining St Edward’s School?

Just get stuck in! Join some sports clubs or other lunchtime clubs and try to meet a wide variety of people both in your year group and other years. Having a couple of friends around you makes such a difference. St Edward’s aided me get to where I am today through both its caring pastoral and encouraging academic support. Try to enjoy even the tricky lessons and make the most of extra-curricular opportunities. Secondary school is a really exciting next step and I want to wish every new Year 6 thinking of joining St Edward’s good luck!