Case Studies: Survivors of the Holocaust

Jan 24, 2021

As a Beacon School ​for Holocaust education, we are inviting our community to participate in some activities over the following few days to mark the Holocaust Memorial Day which takes place remotely on Wednesday 27th January 2021. You will find these activities over on our Facebook page.

UCL’s Centre for Holocaust Education has kindly shared with us some case studies people who embody this year’s Holocaust Memorial Day theme ‘Be the Light in the Darkness’. The stories include Janusz Korczak who had several opportunities to escape but chose to stay with the children from his orphanage right to the end, to give them a sense of continuity and security. An extraordinary act in dark times.

Janusz Korczak was born Henryk Goldszmit in 1878 in Poland. An acclaimed writer, broadcaster, doctor and teacher, Korczak was highly respected within Polish society for his dedication to children, particularly forward thinking regards children’s rights. Korczak ran an orphanage. One former child, Itzhack Belfer, in the orphanage recalls his life there …


To read the case studies of heroic action click here.